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Passwords are Passé.

Waltz uses Clef to log you in to all of your favorite sites without a password.

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Faye Johnson
"Waltz has spoiled me. The flow of my work day is so much easier when I never have to think about a password and I can rest easy knowing my identity is still secure." Fay Johnson, CEO of deliberateLIFE

Waltz is a modern account manager for the web.

What's an account manager? It's like a password manager, but better.

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Zero passwords
Instant log out
Log in from anywhere
Secure password encryption
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With Waltz, you don't need to worry about whether or not you remembered to log out of a website while you were browsing. From your phone, you can sign out of everywhere at once. When you leave your computer, your identity shouldn't stay behind unprotected.

No more passwords

Waltz lets you identify yourself to any computer by simply holding up your phone. Your phone does all of the hard work to keep you safe, and you don't have to remember anything. If you ever lose your phone, you can always deactivate it quickly and safely from www.getclef.com/lost.

Log in anywhere

You don't have to go to see login pages to log in anymore. If you're reading a post and want to comment, you can log in without changing pages. Since you don't need to type anything, Waltz doesn't care where you're logging in from and you don't have to waste your time.

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100% open source

Waltz is built for people like you by people like you.

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Waltz isn't ready for your browser

Waltz is only available for Google Chrome right now, but we're working on extensions for Safari and Firefox.

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